design and manufacture


The modifications of transformers are following:

  • support-type with relatively large number of primary winding turns which are wounded on ring-type core

  • support-type with opening for the conductor of Ø=25mm and primary bus-bar who max. dimension is 30x11mm in the middle of the coveri

  • bus-bar type with rectangular opening in the middle of the cover. The max. dimension of bus-bar is 100x12mm

Both first modifications are available with dismountable support designed for the mounting of the measuring system to the base.The metal data table, the secondary double terminals, the contact for the switching of the voltage circuit to the measuring gauges are placed under a transparent sealable cover. The transformers TAL- 0,72 N3 are tested metrologically, sealed and completely secured from the unconscientious electric energy consumers.


The given warranty term for the transformers is two years since starting of their operation and is not more than three years after sales date.



Low-voltage indoor current transformers type TAL-0,72 N3 (transformers), are gauges of high preciseness Thoroughly these transformers are used for the commercial accounting and other industrial applications, which are situated in the sets of the alternating current of 50 or 60Hz frequency.


The current transformers are designed for the operation in indoor (from -45ºC up to +40ºC) conditions.


The current transformers have a ring-type or rectangular core with an insulating shall. A distributed secondary winding is toroidally wounded on this core. The core and coil is assembled in nom-dismountable unit made from fire proof thermoplastic.

Low-voltage indoor current transformers. Design and manufacture

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